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KEYDRELA Double Ended Twist Up Comb

KEYDRELA Double Ended Twist Up Comb

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The Double Ended Twist Up Comb is a ground-breaking tool offering the coolest, tangle-free way to twist afrocentric hair. 

Define your curls either in 2 cool hairstyles Trendy whirlpool or neat/straight stylesWoven square pattern is easier to grasp and protects your hair from being pulled. Your hair of root will be gently coiled/twisted. 

Be a fashion-conscious person with your lustrous, thick and coarse hair! Especially suitable for Afros, curls, coils and dreadlocks.

Pop your coils up, embrace the beauty of your natural twist now!


  • Double Ended Twist Up Comb
    Combined with both traditional combing and Afro twisting features, it defines your curls either in 2 cool hairstyles - Trendy whirlpool or neat/straight styles.
  • Twist Up Comb VS Sponge Comb
    Our comb is made of hard plastic framewhich is washable, bacteria-free and more sanitary than twisting sponges. Also maintains an ideal hair hydration level instead of dry out your hair like sponges do.

  • Comfortable, Tangle-Free
    Woven square pattern is easier to grasp and protects your hair from being pulled. Rotate the comb to follow your curl pattern, your hair passes through the holes of comb and gently coils/twists the hair from the roots up.

  • Style Any Curls
    Be a fashion-conscious person with your lustrous, thick and coarse hair! Especially suitable for Afros, curls, coils and dreadlocks.
  • Portable & Lightweight
    This comb fits most common pants, pockets, or purse. Lightweight and portable size easily touches up your hair on the go everywhere and anytime.
  • Durable, Anti-Static Electricity
    It won’t bend under pressure when trying to coil/twist longer hair. Unlike the comb which made of metal, our comb never cause static electricityAnti-static feature makes it smooth out frizz easier and eliminate pesky flyaways.


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 18.3 x 11.8 cm

Product Includes:

  • 1 x Double Ended Twist Up Comb

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