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Perfect Makeup Brush - Buy 2 Save $10

Perfect Makeup Brush - Buy 2 Save $10

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Pair your favorite foundation for a flawless face!

We all have the same beauty goal: easy application, a beautiful finish, and no product waste—because nothing ruins a look quite like streaky foundation. We think you deserve gorgeously applied makeup with a brush that fits your needs.

Flawless Wand Foundation Brush is born to deliver a streak-free finish that is luxuriously soft to the touch. Flawless Wand gives a smooth, even, and poreless coverage while reducing application time. 

Its ultra-soft and unique hexagon shape is thoughtfully designed with a curve to position your fingers for easy gripping. This professional-quality foundation brush gives you a smooth stroke from different angles while applying the foundation easily on your skin. 


✅Provides a flawless finish that's virtually streak-free, the finish looks almost airbrushed

✅Synthetic bristles at the ultimate density, making it perfect for blending all formulas

✅Two tapered ends perfect for getting around little nooks and crannies of the face

✅Unique hexagon shape thoughtfully designed with a curve to position your fingers for easy gripping

✅Gives you a smooth stroke from different angles and super efficient application

✅Doesn’t absorb any product and only needs small quantity of foundation on the brush for the best results

    A brush that provides perfectly conforms to your facial curves, giving precise application and total coverage that still looks natural on the skin.

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