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Keydrela Sniffing Pet Puzzle Toy --- SALE NOW ON -- DISCOUNT CODE "PETS"

Keydrela Sniffing Pet Puzzle Toy --- SALE NOW ON -- DISCOUNT CODE "PETS"

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You want to keep your dogs entertained and there brains working?  

It is not only a high quality feeding mat for dogs, but also a great puzzle toy that arouses the dog's curiosity. The educational toy works to stimulate the dog's interest in play and enhance their natural foraging skills. It gets your dog's nose and brain going by mimicking the hunt for food in nature. The two straps allow you to attach it under the chair, for example, to prevent it from slipping when the dog is sniffing.

✅ Puzzle Toy To Promote The Dog

✅ Various Food Hiding Places

✅ Improves Natural Foraging Skills

✅ High Quality Feeding Mat

✅ Daily Brain Training For The Dog

✅ 100% Safe & Easy to Use

✅ 30 Day Guarantee


It is not only a simple food mat for your dog, it is also a great puzzle toy to pique your friend's curiosity by stimulating their interest in play and encouraging their natural foraging skills. It will keep your puppy entertained all day while also providing playful encouragement.


SnuffleDogMat™ has a variety of different hiding places for the dog's food. So your four-legged friend can completely live out and train his nose with the various hiding places. The food mat is made of high quality materials that are very durable and above all 100% safe for your pet. Watch your dog and be happy together when he has found the hiding place.


Step 1.
After you have opened the package, you have to lay out the feeding mat for example in your living room and take some food in your hand.

Step 2.
Pick one of the many hiding places on the mat.

Step 3.
Hide the food in the chosen hiding place and get your dog to try it.

Step 4.
Done! Your dog can now start to find the hiding places and will be encouraged in different ways.


You get your desired mat, 90 x 90 cm in violet or light blue and premium packaging. It's a great gift for everyone, who want a puzzle every dog will enjoy. Get yours now and benefit from our fast insured shipping and 30 day money back guarantee.

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