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SmartStands™️ Pro - 360° Car Rearview Mirror Phone Mount

SmartStands™️ Pro - 360° Car Rearview Mirror Phone Mount

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The SmartStands™️ Pro - 360° Car rearview mirror phone mount enables you to quickly and easily plug and unplug your phone into a convenient holder positioned for easy viewing. You will no longer have to look down or away from your natural line of sight while driving. Listen to music, chat or navigate whilst maintaining a safe driving experience.


Safe Head-up Viewing - Mounts smartphones securely to rear-view mirror, elevating your device above eye-level as a head-up device. Provides a non-obstructive driving view instead of holding phones to car vent or dashboard. No more looking down to view phones.

Swivel Ball Joint - Provides 270° tilting angles and 360° rotation for landscape and portrait orientations. Especially perfect for GPS navigation.

Easy to Install - Spring-loaded clips are highly flexible to grip phones and rear-view mirrors. Slightly pull to grip without using the extra tools. Able to remove without leaving a scratch.

Non-slip Protective Pads - Padded with soft, anti-scratch & shock-proof silicone, it stabilizes your device in place even when going over speed bumps the road. Protects your device and mirror from scratching.

High Compatibility - Universally fits all 3.5" - 7" devices.
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