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Baby Pool Float 3 Months-3 Years, Baby Float with Canopy, Tail and Harness, Non-Inflatable Infant Pool Float with Sunshade, Waterproof and Quick Drying, Suitable for Pool, Sea.

Baby Pool Float 3 Months-3 Years, Baby Float with Canopy, Tail and Harness, Non-Inflatable Infant Pool Float with Sunshade, Waterproof and Quick Drying, Suitable for Pool, Sea.

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  • Polyurethane Thermoplastic
  • ✅Designed for maximum safety and comfort, your baby will have fun while gaining confidence learning to paddle and kick in the water in a natural, safe position - no more badly inflated floats that leak every time and spoil the fun. Actual delivery time 25-35 days
  • ✅The floats on this smart swim trainer are flared at the sides for maximum buoyancy and have a bulge in the front to eliminate the risk of accidentally tipping over in any direction. Your baby will always be able to see what's around them and be in a comfortable environment. We've also included a slot in the front to support the chin - you can hold your baby on his or her tummy too!
  • ✅The Overall Construction Design Concept: adjustable chest and crotch straps with thick padding and our double safety catch provide extra security when supporting your legs. It helps ensure that the baby doesn't slip out when paddling hard. The removable UPF50 sunshade protects baby's skin from the sun, reducing skin damage. The tail greatly improves buoyancy and balance.
  • ✅Three Layers of Materials: outer layer - swimsuit fabric: soft, non-rigid and not damaging to baby's skin. Breathable, stretchy and easy to dry. Durable, no tears or scratches. Odorless, does not heat up in the sun and will not fade with prolonged use. MEDIUM - Improved, fully sealed, easy to dry waterproof film. INTERIOR - Advanced pearlescent foam, greatly improves buoyancy.
  • 💖 Weight Limit: 22kgs MAX (44lbs), suitable for babies from 3 months to 4 years old, suitable for babies with sensitive skin. Note: to be used under parental supervision at all times. Do not use as a rescue device. Do not remove the plastic cover inside the float.

Product Description

100 Years of History-Lanckeli

Lanckeli is a 120 years old store, she focuses on the quality of the product while providing buyers with the most affordable store, for this reason most of the products are delivered by ourselves, except for some oversized products (15-35 days), almost all packages can be delivered within 15 days after the order is placed

All-Round Protection

Non-inflatable mambo baby swim ring float vest-style fit design, wider straps for more comfort, enhanced squatting position to support the abdomen and prevent backward collapse or flip.

Optimization for 2022

In 2022, we optimized the structural data based on the original to make the baby float more in line with the size of most babies,Make them more comfortable with backstroke / breaststroke.

Ergonomic Design

According to the ergonomic data, we design a partial high pillow in front, so that the baby's chin is at 40 °, which is conducive to allowing the child's neck to rest, while ensuring safety.


One-button seat belt, eliminating tedious operations, allowing you to avoid annoying summer mood generated

Removable Canopy

Portable canopy, the new design in 2022, we will put the tail in the middle of the swim ring, while the top is removed, it will become a flat circle, will not take up any extra space, very convenient to carry

Add Detachable Tail

Add detachable tail to prevent the baby from flipping backwards, greatly improving buoyancy.

UPF50+ Sunscreen

A removable canopy provides UPF 50+ protection from the sun, and mesh on the sides provides breathability.

Before learning to swim, we believe it is important to first ensure that the infant is in a safe environment and facility

Our high quality non-inflatable baby swim floats with canopy and tail are designed to help babies and parents relax and enjoy the introductory water experience.

1. Multiple protection measures: both from the selection of materials and to the production, all backed by scientific data.

2. Suitable for babies with sensitive skin.


  • Use under parental supervision at all times.
  • Never use it as a rescue device.
  • Do not remove the plastic cap inside the float.
  • Weight limit: 22kgs (44lbs) maximum.
  • Suitable for babies from 3 months to 3 years.
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