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Original InstaWarm Heated Vest - FREE SHIPPING Today Only!

Original InstaWarm Heated Vest - FREE SHIPPING Today Only!

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Introducing the UNISEX WARMING HEATED VEST, an innovative product that will keep you warmed up during the cold season.


    Unisex Warming Heated Vest is a SOFT-SHELLED VEST with a heated zones and neck warmer that effectively provides heat all around the body.

    It has a one-press LED controller that can adjust the heat temperature with its three heat levels for your desired warmth. It has an extra thickened cotton layer to lock in the heat all throughout the day.

    Use in A Variety of Scenarios: If you are an office worker, this heated vest can be worn in your suit, warm and invisible. If you are a winter sports enthusiast, such as mountain climbing, skiing or fishing, then you need a heated vest most. 

    Protects you from the cold in winter.


    • Style: seven sizes to choose from, 5 heating tablets to meet your warmth needs
    • Light and Washable Heating Vest: The material is comfortable and skin-friendly. It is not cumbersome to wear in a thick coat in winter. Keep your body warm in the cold winter and resist the cold and invade the body. Can be machine washed or hand washed

    Heated Jacket with High-Quality Material: This practical gilet is made of lightweight memory cotton and Lycra ensure soft and comfortable to wear. Built-in 5 pieces heat therapy pad quickly warm up, helps promote blood circulation and relieves muscles, shoulder and back discomfort.

    This is a Limited Time HOLIDAY OFFER and is Currently Selling Fast in Today's Climate.

    • QUICK AND LONG-LASTING WARMTH: Fast heating in just a minute. Up to 12 working hours on a single 15,000 mAh Power Bank.
    • ADJUSTABLE HEATING LEVEL. With 3 heating levels. Perfect for outdoor activities like camp, hike, ski, fish, hunt or office routine and business during fall and winter.
    • HEALTH CARE HEATED VEST. Help promote blood circulation. Increases blood oxygen. Improves micro-circulation and eliminates inflammation. 
    • ULTRA LIGHT MATERIAL. Polyester shell with Carbon Fiber wire, which is water-resistant and wind-resistant. Forget about wearing thick sweaters and jackets; the Heating Vest is light, convenient and can be worn over any clothing.
    • EASY CARE. Machine washable. Just unplug from the power bank and throw it right in to the machine.

    No more bulky jackets from now on! Relieve the chilly feeling and say goodbye to Winter Shivers with the InstaWarm Heated Vest.

    It's time to conquer the outdoors.



    • Warm: 45°C 15000 mAh 8-12 Hours
    • Comfortable: 35°C 15000 mAh 10-14 Hours
    • Energy Saving: 25°C 15000 mAh 12-16 Hours


    • Heating panels made with ultra-fine carbon fiber.
    • An advanced heat-trapping insulated layer
    • Water resistant material sheds rain and snow
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