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Mildew Cleaner™ Pro

Mildew Cleaner™ Pro

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With our special Mildew Cleaner™ Pro, you can easily remove 99.9% stubborn mold and mildew without scrubbing it!

This fast-acting formula instantly attacks mold and mildew at the roots, kills them completely and prevents further growth in your home!

Forget the hard work. Just spray directly on a surface such as bathrooms, kitchen, wall, tiles and watch the mold disappear!

Don't worry anymore, so you can clean less and live more!


  • Kill instantly 99.9% mold
    This fast-acting and stain-removing solution effectively kills mold and mildew at the roots, which are difficult to remove with normal detergents.
  • No scrubbing!
    Simply spray directly on to the mold surface, easily remove mold, mildew, soap foam and these slimy black spots on tiles and damp surfaces without scrubbing.
  • 100% clean & deodorizing
    Leave a lightning clean home! Penetrate and remove the toughest contaminants of all time.


  • Wide application
    For use in bathrooms, kitchen, wall, tiles, sinks, etc.
  • Long-lasting protection
    Form a protective film and prevent the recurrence of mildew stains for a long time.


1. The dry moldy place with a towel.
2. Spray directly onto the mold surface.
3. Leave hard-to-remove marks until the shape disappears, or repeat if necessary.


We want to make online purchases safe and therefore offer a 14-day money back guarantee!

Do you have any questions or need help? Then contact us! We are available 24 hours a day with email support.


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