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Winter Pod

Winter Pod

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Winter Pod

Our Winter Pod is something every baby needs! They are designed to keep any baby warm & comfortable for any occasion, feeling protected in and outside the home.
Our Winter Pod is stylish, Practical, warm & created with Berber Fleece that provides extra coziness to your little ones.

Perfect For Prams

Taking Your little one out for a stroll has just gotten so much easier, our winter pod provides great support surrounding your baby in thick warm material so you don’t have to worry about harsh winds. Children are so sensitive to weather so this ensures they are dressed perfecting for their pram to go anywhere!


Improves sleep

Winter Pod creates a feeling of being wrapped in a soft cocoon, this helps reduces stress & anxiety for babies because it feels like they are being cuddled at all times
Also creates a feeling as if they are being swaddled, This has proven for them to sleep easier and more comfortably! 


Weight: 420g Size: 68 x 40cm Inner Material: Berber Fleece Outer Material: Knitted Linen


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